Animal Management & Welfare Advisory Board


This Board makes general recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in regard to the efficient and humane operation of the Animal Management & Welfare Department, the enforcement of animal control state laws and City ordinances, and changes to ordinances or statutes pertaining to animals. This Board also serves as advocates for the humane treatment of animals, while maintaining an awareness of the needs to protect and enhance the environment of the City.

Advisory Board Members are appointed by the City Commissioners. They do not have any responsibility in the day to day operations of Animal Management & Welfare. The Board serves in a capacity to be a voice for the community with regards to animal welfare issues abroad. The Animal Management & Welfare Advisory Board strives to be as responsive as reasonably possible. They encourage productive citizen communication and participation.


This Board has five (5) members, two (2) of whom may be recommended by the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society.

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Board Chair:                                                                    Board Vice-Chair: Dale Potter

Email:                                                                                 Email: aamwpotter at hotmail dot com                                                                               DSC_0001

At-Large Member: William Kearns                         At-Large Member: Chris Wrampelmeir

Email: wkearns.asf at gmail dot com                                            Email: pending

DSC_0003                   Picture Pending

At-Large: Kellie Dodson DVM

Email: kellie at amarillovet dot com

Kellie Dodson


The Animal Management & Welfare Advisory Board meets for Work Session on the third floor, Room 303, City Council Conference Room, City Hall, 509 Southeast 7th Avenue, Amarillo, Texas and for the regular meeting in the City Council Chamber on the third floor of City Hall.

Meeting Schedule:

  • February 8th 2017
    • Work Session 11:00AM
    • Meeting 12:00PM
  • April 19th 2017
    • Work Session 11:00AM
    • Meeting 12:00PM
    • Date for future meetings will be set during this meeting

This schedule is subject to change. Please rely on the official “Boards & Commissions: Animal Management & Welfare Advisory Board Posting Page” for dates, times, and locations.

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