Challenge Your Comfort Zone

The links below will direct you to letters/articles written by individuals that work in the Animal Welfare Industry. These letters/articles are not for the faint-of-heart and help to shed light into an industry that is created by human irresponsibility and the perception that animals are disposable. Those that dedicate their life and resources to helping animals in need are often cast away and stones thrown as if they don’t care. Often these caring individuals have no way to defend themselves from these naysayers and keyboard warriors.

Letter From a Shelter Manager

Confessions of a Euthanasia Technician – Original Article

Voices From the Front Line

Shelter “Humor” Videos – These videos have been created by people in the Animal Welfare Industry as a way to express what shelters experience from citizens in their community. The links below are just a few that can be found on YouTube. If you search “Shelter Humor” on YouTube’s website then the rest will be displayed. ****BE AWARE**** Some of these videos have profane language so proceed forward on your own.

Shelter Humor

Shelter Humor – Puppy Return

Shelter Humor – I am a reputable breeder

Shelter Humor – My dog is aggressive

Shelter Humor – No one wants your feral cats

Surrendered – Parody (Humans being surrendered to a shelter)

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