How do I change/update the Microchip information?

You must know the vendor/manufacturer of the microchip. Every microchip has a unique identifying number.  The first few digits of the microchip number will indicate who the vendor/manufacturer is. Locate the registry phone number that corresponds with your unique microchip number. If you do not know your microchip number then Animal Management & Welfare is happy to scan your animal and let you know what the number is. Changing/updating the information will still be your responsibility. You should always update your microchip information whenever you MOVE or change your PHONE NUMBER.

Microchip Brand Microchip Code Registry Phone Number
HomeAgain 985 1-888-466-3242
AVID 977 1-800-336-2843
AKC Reunite TVN/TR 956 1-800-252-7894
24PetWatch 982 1-866-597-2424
Bayer resQ 98102 1-877-738-5465
Banfield 0D0D/98101 1-877-567-8738
Microfindr 981 1-877-738-5465
Found Animals 981 1-877-738-5465
Save This Life 900164 1-855-777-2447

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