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I lost or found an animal!

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Losing an animal can be a very stressful time. Between 10-12% of animals that come into the AAM&W shelter are reclaimed by their owner. 

Here are some tricks and tips to helping find your lost animal or locate a lost animal's owner.

Rule #1: In attempting to find your lost animal or find the owner of a lost animal is to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Rule #2: If your animal is lost and microchipped then make sure the microchip company knows your animal is missing and that the contact information on the microchip is up-to-date. If you don't have a microchip in your animals and you find your animal away from the shelter please remember that AAM&W offers microchipping with registration for $10.00.

Rule #3: Check the local shelter at least once a day and set eyes on every animal in the shelter. You are the only one that can absolutely identify your own animal. While the website's search tool can help, it is absolutely not a substitution for coming to the shelter in person.

Rule #4: Contact your personal veterinarian to let them know your animal is missing.

Rule #5: Create flyers for posting around your neighborhood and at the local shelter and veterinarian clinics. Click HERE for a design template provided at no cost by PawBoost.

Rule #6: Post your lost/found animal to local social media pages for Lost and Found Animals. Also consider using online social media platforms such as:

Post on PawBoost for free!

Search PawBoost Lost and Found Database

Rule #7: Talk to your neighbors and let them know your animal is missing or your found an animal and hand them a flyer.

Rule #8: Place a sign near the front of your yard letting your neighbors know that your animal is missing or that you found an animal.





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