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Spay/Neuter - Logic

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Animal overpopulation is the largest contributing factor for the need for animal shelters to exist across the United States. The City of Amarillo is not immune to the realities of animal overpopulation. Every single animal owner that allows their animal(s) to breed, whether intentional or not, contributes to the animal overpopulation that the City of Amarillo experiences. They ONLY way to prevent animals from entering the shelter is to prevent the continued breeding of them. Owners must take responsibility and spay and neuter their animals. By fixing their animals it not only decreases the unwanted behaviors such as marking and aggression but prevents unwanted litters of puppies and kittens from entering shelters while increasing the over health of their animal. It is statistically impossible to adopt ourselves out of animal overpopulation. Irresponsible animal owners continue to cause the euthanasia of animals by allowing the continued breeding.

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Below are some examples of how allowing animals to breed contributes to the animal overpopulation issue.