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If you find your animal at the shelter then you have several options to get your animal back. You can pay full reclaim fees as outlined below or you can decide to adopt your animal back which is more cost effective and a humane approach. The "Adoption Option" covers getting your animal spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies, intake vaccines, microchip with registration, 90 Day Flea and Tick preventative, and the discretionary waiving of citations. The "Adoption Option" does not apply to all animal cases. If you have a question about your particular case speak with AAM&W Management.

Adoption Option: 

$55.00 - Dogs

$45.00 - Cats

1st Impoundment:

  • $20.00 (altered pet)
  • $50.00 (unaltered pet)

First time offenders only, may receive full refund of fees, if violating animal is altered within 60 days of reclaim.

Discount does not void any court citations issued at reclaim.

Intake Vaccination Fee:

  • $5.00

Kennel Fee:

  • $5.00 per day

Microchip Fee:

  • $15.00 (Only applies if your animal does not have a microchip)

Bite Quarantine Fees:

  • $100.00 (plus additional)

Rabies Fee:

  • $15.00

Or Erysipelas for miniature pigs:

  • $15.00

Pathological Examination:

  • $50.00


  • Altered Pet-surgically sterilized, (spayed or neutered) by or after the age of 6 months.
  • Unaltered Pet-has not been sterilized (spayed or neutered) by or after the age of 6 months.