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Leash Law

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City Ordinances require that an animal be restrained and confined on the premises by a fence or appropriate tether by the owner.

Owner (City Ordinance)

“Owner” is any person who owns, keeps, harbors, controls (physically or orally) feeds, shelters, or aids an animal.

Leash Law (City Ordinance)

The City ordinance requires that an animal must be restrained and confined on the premises of the owner. An animal is deemed restrained if it is within a fenced enclosure capable of confining the animal; fastened or picketed by a tether on a leash; within a vehicle being driven or parked.

It shall be unlawful for any person to own or maintain an Animal in such a manner as to constitute a public nuisance. The following acts shall constitute a public nuisance:

Failure to restrain an Animal, except and unless the Animal is under control and obedience to oral command while in the course of: A. duties of training as a working or service animal; training for obedience trails; field trails, agility, dog shows, tracking work, or search and rescue work or training; or, B. performing in an organized exhibition or training event that is held in a public venue or business; or, C. in a designated “leash-free” area of a park.